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Magic of Believing
Support group whose members discuss frustrations, strategies, and successes by email. With links to other weight-loss sites.
Overeater's Recovery Group
Welcomes those who have a sincere desire to stop eating compulsively. With a schedule of online chat groups.
3 Fat Chicks on a Diet
Share your dieting experiences with three sisters who have decided to go public with their weight loss battle. With links, recipes, and tips.
Share information and support others who have similar concerns regarding body image, food, dieting, and exercise.
Talk live with other people about your diet. Aims to help you get through those "weak moments" and to keep you loosing weight.
Goaltender's Main Page
Find support, encouragement and maybe some fun with this online group. Includes recipes, chat room, and links.
Kingdom of BBW
Site dedicated to fat acceptance. Read stories about this woman's battles with her weight and her campaign for tolerance towards big people.
Weightloss WIN
Support group which provides mental, physical, spiritual, or social help to those striving to meet weight loss goals.
About.com - Weight Loss
Navigate through the myths and facts about weight loss and its significance for optimal health.
BBW - FA Web Ring
Find out how to join the web ring of over 500 resources for Big Beautiful Women and Fat Admirers.
Body Positive
Guide to living healthily and happily in one's own skin, and focusing on the body one has, and accepting and living with it.
Brotherhood of Girth
Nationwide network of large men offers support in a "fat-phobic society." Membership is free and by email.
Take a tour around this site to find out about this free program which includes support and chat, software, and a nutrition and exercise diary.
Fat Acceptance Resource
Straight-up guide to acceptance, understanding, and pride for overweight people. Check out the FAQs and the many interesting articles.
For Carbohydrate Addict's
Support network where you can obtain information and help for carbohydrate cravings. With FAQs about carbohydrate addiction and links.
In a Big Way
Interactive social club for large size people and their supporters in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Includes a Positive Thoughts bulletin.
International No Diet Day
Provides resources to help mark this annual event, including ideas, contacts, sample press releases and publicity hints.
Managing Your Weight
How stress can impact on nutrition and managing your diet under stress. Plus other weight management articles from the Fitness Partner Connection.
National Fat Acceptance
US association dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people through public education, advocacy and member support.
Nourish Net
Join NN's club for personal weight tracking and member support. Includes healthy recipes, and exercise, weight loss and nutrition tips.
Overcoming Overeating
The Nat'l Center for Overcoming Overeating offers books and seminars to help liberate women from food and weight obsession. With support network.
Self-Hypnosis for Weight Management
The Sarasota Hypnosis Inst. gives a weight management program using audio tapes, meditation training and self-hypnosis.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly
Tops is a program dedicated to helping people loss weight permanently. Find local chapters, read success stories, and enjoy special features.
Weight Loss Mailing List
Weight loss support group. To participate send an email with "subscribe mob-loss" in the body of the message.

NEWS GROUPS (english):

Newsgroup discusses issues of compulsive eating and its treatment in a supportive manner. Includes resource swapping.
Covers obesity discrimination and related topics offering online support and information sharing.
Group that discusses issues surrounding drugs that are used to aid weight reduction.
Newsgroup with discussions about many aspects of weight reduction diets and dieting
Newsgroup offers support for sufferers of eating disorders. Share your experiences with people who've been there!
Encourages self-acceptance for obese and overweight people, with no talk of diets.



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